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Specific A/T; friends to lovers

I'm looking for a specific Adam/Tommy story that I only remember one specific thing about. Tommy realizes he's in love with Adam and it makes him unhappy.

Things I *think* I'm remembering correctly: Takes place immediately post Glam Nation. Adam and Tommy may be in a friends with benefits situation. Tommy may have been living with Adam, because I recall him moving back to.his apartment so he can have space away from Adam to deal with his emotions.

Tommy has his epiphany and the angst ensues. It's chaptered and very well written. It has a happy ending, however most of the story is rather emotional and bittersweet.

Thanks. I'll tag later, I'm on my phone. :-)

Lost Adam/Tommy fic


So im looking for 2 fics that i lost and cant find again.

1, Adam and Tommy dont know each other at first but they have like shared dreams of a life together. What i remember is that Tommy works in a bar and meets Sutan/Raja in the beginning of the story and there is alot of "tweets" about horoscopes from Adam.

2, Monte has a tattoo parlor and hires Tommy and is friends with Adam, Its AU and Monte made Adam promise not to hook up with Tommy.

I've tried google and ao3 but i cant remember where i found these stories and i really hope u guys can help.
let me know if i posted this on the wrong place and ill remove the post.

Nr 1 is found. Link in comments.

Adam collapses during a concert ( Tears)

i want fics about: Adam collapses during a concert.. may be crying for the interpretation of a song or really tired... and Tommy or Kriss or Sauly confort him.. hug veru hug and very tears too... Thank for the help...


I would like to read a rape recovery fic.. where Adam is raped and Tommy or Sauli or Kriss help him to recovery and adam is very emotional and vulnerable... please i am new in this and i love adam ....

Adam/Tommy AU

Hey, I'm looking for a fic called Winter Song( I can't seem to find it anywhere) . It's about Adam, who goes on a road trip to clear his head out then meets Tommy, a truck driver, and they establish a relationship. They have a break in between tho, when Adam continues with his trip, but in the end, Tommy drives to Adam's house and they get together

Adam/Kris Reunion fic (rec)

I'm looking for fics where Adam and Kris meet again, at least a couple years or so after Idol.  Basically I'd prefer it not to be a future-fic that was written three years ago and takes place now. I don't care how they meet again, or if Kris is still married to Katy or not. They don't even have to hook up(though I'd be okay with that). I just want a fic where they meet again now-ish. I really don't care about anything else that might be included in the story, it could be just about anything. 

Looking for recommendations

I am looking for is long, multiple chapters, ether complete or updated often.  good written, good plot and rate high.  no non-con please or cheating between the main characters, maybe some bashing. and who every bottoms has never been with a man and is a virgin and no switch between bottoming and topping.
the story can have with one of them in a relationship with someone and falls for the other.
maybe kids too
or mpreg would do.
no threesomes...
Maybe the story follows the main character...or maybe Adam is bottom. 

Prostitution and Porn Actor Fics

Looking for A/T fics where they are prostitutes or porn stars. I have Gypsy's Street Candy, and I've read several others, but can't remember who wrote them.
Hey everyone)

I wanted to ask if by any chance somebody has read and remembered an AU story where Kris saved Adam (who wasn't watching where he was going while typing stuff on his IPhone) from a car and then helped Adam's mum move furniture or smth? Or maybe it was Adam moving and his mum was helping.. Oh, and she told Kris some embarrassing story - when Adam was a teenager he tried to cook smth, nearly bunt down the house and then tried to hoop up with one of the firefighters. I think it was on dreamwidth, medium-length and had some pretty funny lines...

Would be very grateful for a link, can't find it anywhere :(
Thank you!

Edit: found in comments :)


I am searching for a pixie story.
It's already some time that I read it. It was a WIP in 2010 if I remember right. I just know I read it before April 2011 and by then it was already finished.

There are just a few things I can remember.
The beginning was like Adam lived in a house to relax and Tommy was a pixie at the pond (?) in the garden and he heard Adam sing and then he began to watch Adam in the house.

Later was something with Adam and Tommy meeting the king of the pixies to get his approval of their relationship so they could be together.
Before that Tommy did something so he could be a human but only for some time I guess. Not sure about the time limit thing though.

Sorry it is not much but I hope someone knows the story.

Thank you!
Hi all!

I'm looking for a specific fic. It is multiple chapters and it's set in the future where Tommy is getting married to this girl named Amanda. Her family is wealthy and more or less control everything. Adam is the best man and they will be getting married at her families resort. Tommy has basically lost himself and has secretly been writing music on his laptop.

Adam admits to him that he feels that they have something and that is not too late for Tommy to do something before the wedding.

Does this ring a bell to anyone? I've been searching like a mad woman for this..any help is appreciated.


Unspecific story Dom/Sub

      Hello, I am looking for a unspecific Story.  Where Adam is a Dom in his own bed. However, maybe somebody attempted to R*p* him or something to tuning him off of sex,  Until someone (It can be a OMC) comes a long, whom makes him feel sub.  of course, he shy's away for a while.  I don't mind if anyone of them had a Child ether from adopted or not.  I would like it to be long-multiple chapters, complete or Update often.
Hello! I'm looking for a fic where Adam and Tommy hook up near the end of tour. I think Sutan might be involved as well? And Tommy is maybe in a corset? They continue to hook-up after tour ends. Tommy helps Adam move to his new house and Adam buys Tommy really expensive boots. They fight at some point and see each other again when they visit someone's new baby. Is this ringing any bells?

Adam/Chris Colfer First Time

I'm looking for an Adam/Chris Colfer first time fic. I believe that they met at an event where Chris came up to Adam and sort of propositioned him. Adam kind of said that you don't have to come to me like that. Your first time should be special or something or another. So Adam ended up taking Chris back to his house where he ended up giving Chris all of his firsts and Chris stayed the night. There was a really sweet morning after and it eluded to a relationship happening after that. Was a really long one shot from what I can remember. Help?

I'm looking for a historical romance adommy fic. If I'm not mistaken Tommy became the spouse of a ?prince, Adam. Tommy is the one with dragon blood. It also involves sorcery with Monte who is the mentor/Merlin. It is a multi-chapter fic, >10,000 words I think.

I've been looking for the author/fic for some time now, I hope you know this.

Thank you in advance! :-) <3

(for some reason entry failed to add tags *sigh*)

Adam/Tommy College AU + modelling fic recs

Hi. Can anyone help out with these requests from a nonny? Thanks :)

"It is Adam/Tommy and it is a college Au. I believe that it is Adam that needs more money to release his demo so he goes to see Paula. She sends him to see Simon who sets him up in his drawing class as a nude model where he meets Tommy. Tommy ended up in the class because it was the last one available or something?

Also looking for any other modeling fic recs that you guys can provide that would be great! Thanks!"

Any heartbreaking Adam/Sauli/Tommy fics?

Alright, I'm in a funky mood to bawl.

Any chance there are any Adam/Sauli/Tommy fics where Adam & Sauli break Tommy's heart?

I'll take any scenario, any time period, and actually, anyone's heart can be broken, but I really want to read a triad that goes back to a duo, (or a duo that goes to a triad that goes back to a duo).

Basically, I'd really love to see Tommy cry.


PS - You guys rock!
The first is a really long Adam/Tommy one that started off with their first audition and spanned the length of their entire tour. It showed them flirting and finding out they had feelings for each other, then ending with them getting together. I just read silentdescant's Take A Step Before You Leap, and that is what reminded me of it. The one I am thinking of is a bit longer.

The second one is Adam/Kris. They are either already together or are getting there. Kris is afraid that his inexperience will turn Adam away from him so he turns to Tommy and his girlfriend for help. They show him how to give a blowjob and other things by letting him watch them. Kris in turn goes home to Adam and shows him what he has learned. Adam doesn't know he is doing this and thinks that Kris is cheating on him. Kris ends up coming clean and it ends up happy.


Adam/Tommy cats

I want to write a fic about cat Tommy, but I think that fic exsists, so I don't want to copy. I'd like to read it and see if I can write something totally different. So I need to read it so I don't copy if it makes sense?

In it Tommy was able to turn into a domestic cat and he hadn't told Adam, but Adam finds out when Tommy changes due to stress. Eventually they get together.

Any help would be great. 


Adam Lambert fic finder
Looking for an Adam Lambert story you can't find or don't remember the title of? Lost the link? Google not working for you? Got a case of "there was this Adam/Tommy/Brad serial killers AU..."? Well this is the place for you to come and ask the experts, i.e. your fellow readers, for help.


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