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I'm trying to find a fic where adam and tommy are in adam's car, and due to some horrible snowstorm they end up having to abandon the car and walk to some abandoned resort. During the walk Tommy's tiny little self is freezing and Adam had to carry him, and I think Adam breaks out a window in one of the resort cabins to get them in, that's about all I remember, except I think there was some anger type issue going on in the beginning, and maybe Lane told Tommy to ride with Adam and fix whatever was going on....I probably read this on AO3, but i'm not sure. Anyways, i hope someone knows what this is, i'm dying to read it!! Thanks in advance!

Adam/Tommy - Adam is a blind model

Hey. Can anyone find this for a nonny? Thanks

Hi, I'm looking for this fic that I read a while ago, and would love to read again. Its an adommy AU and Adam is blind and he's a model, and Tommy is staying with and working with a photographer and thats how he meets Adam.

Burlesque fic

Hey! Can anyone help a nonny out with this? Thanks.

I was watching Burlesque the other day and I though it was a really good setting/plot for an Adam Lambert fic, yanno?
Small-town boy singer goes to try his luck in the big city and finds himself in this glamorous club full of singers and performers and all that... falls in love
with the place, the clothes, the people... and maybe with the cute bartender/musician who seems 'straight' but wear more eyeliner and nail polish than him.
Maybe somebody else has thought - and written - this but I couldn't find any. Does anybody knows any fic like this?
I would really like to read some fic along that line. *sighs*
As for pairing, I don't know... Adam/Tommy if there is any... If not, I'll just read what I can get.

Dec. 15th, 2015

Need help finding a Adam/Tommy story...all I can remember is that when Adam and Tommy are walking back to their hotel(?) after a show somewhere in Europe, they meet some weird guy who tells them to choose which one will get hurt and Tommy decides its him. They go back home after the tour and Tommy gets hurt while shopping. That's all I can remember. Know it was on AO3. Hopefully someone can recognise the story from that. would love to re read it. and if anyone has some good self harm/angsty/hurt/comfort Adam/Tommy stories they could recommend would be grateful especially if they're quite long
Hi everyone,

I have been looking for a kradam highschool au where Kris and Adam were best friends and Kris kissed Adam one night and Adam pushed him away. Then some years later in college Kris met a guy at a bar and decided to have a threesome with this guy and his boyfriend. So when they showed up to Kris's apartment, Kris found out that the guy's boyfriend was Adam. So there is a lot of angst but they end up together in the end and they come out to their parents when they return home for the holidays. Danielle is in it as Adam's best friend I think and it's a multi chapter fic. I have been searching for a while now, if you could help me find it in will be so thankful. Thank you!

Looking for Adam/Tommy.Adam has 2 kids

In the fic which I believe was archiveofourown. Adam has 2 kids I think there was a boy and a girl. While Adam was out shopping or something Tommy watches the kids for him and they trashed the apartment. Later on they move in together with the kids into a house I believe the house is haunted or possessed. The little girl gets sick and is taken to the hospital.

Adam/Tommy Wedding fic

Hi, trying to find 2 fics where Adam and Tommy get married...don't remember much from them
The first one is Adam and Tommy have been in a relationship/engaged and during a show Tommy falls and ends up only remembering things from before meeting Adam. Adam wants to call off the wedding because Tommy isn't the same person or something. They end up getting married even though Tommy doesn't remember anything, Adam finds out and gets in a fight with Tommy and Adam flirts with guys while on tour in front of him...that's pretty much all I remember from that one
The second one is the band is in Canada and Tommy and Adam end up drunk and getting married with Sutan and Sasha or Taylor as witnesses, and Adam and Tommy try to annul the marriage but are told it would take a year. Towards the end Tommy writes a song for Adam called 'Another Day, Another Memory' or something like that and posts it on a website, Sutan gets Adam to watch it and that's about all I remember...
Would love to re read these 2...

Thanks in advance

Take a piece of my soul by lizibabes

Can anyone help a nonny out with a link? Or know if the author is ok with sharing?

"I saw the description for this fic and thought it looked perfect. Only trouble is none if the links worked- looks like its been deleted. I was wondering if anyone had a link or had downloaded it. It's a werewolf fic if that helps, but that's all I know from the summary. Thanks!"

Adam/Tommy AU fic

Looking for a Adam/Tommy fic, where Tommy swaps spots with an alternate Slave-Tommy, In the AU Adam is a dom and using Tommy, and the band/dancers are used to it. Adam gets angry that Tommy isn't wearing his collar. and the other Adam is confused why the Slave-Tommy keeps trying to sleep with him...Haven't read it in a while so can't remember many details besides that. Would love to read it again.
Adam works as a dancer in a club and has a room in the back where he takes guys but he takes Kris and its more personal and they talk and spend a lot of time, its a multi chapter fic I think, 
So its post Idol and Adam and Kris are married but Kris overhears a convo with Adam and Brad where Brad talks about how Adam sort of did it reluctantly, after Kris changed for him and Kris loves Adam but Adam doesnt actually love Kris.

so Adam is with an older OMC that he finds looking at a playboy and he gets jealous and dresses up in bunny outfit, bottom!Adam in this one



Adam/Tommy fic, Adam loses his voice

Hello, i am looking for Adam/Tommy fics where Adam and his band have an accident in the bus (Tour) and Tommy is hurt and almost died, so Adam makes a promise and stop talking for a time.. i think that one year to not die Tommy .... I read the story in ao3 but can not find . please help me..I also remember that anyone understand why Adam does not speak and Adam makes a disk of only music


Hi I'm looking for a Kradam  story that plays out like the movie Velvet Goldmine I think the title might be Ivory and Gold.

Adam/Tommy fic

Looking for Adam/Tommy fics where one of them is a teacher and the other is a student. (Not on Ao3)

Glamnation Tour fic

I'm looking for a fic that I know I have on my Kindle but I can't remember the title! Adam and Tommy are friends with benefits on the Glamnation tour and each are secretly in love with the other. Somewhere in England, Tommy goes to a pub and ends up chatting with a woman who helps him resolve his feelings. Adam finds him in the bar and is a little jealous of Tommy chatting with this woman.

I'm pretty sure it's not "Hey Baby, I Think I want to Marry You" but it is similar.

PS: Going to see Queenbert in San Jose July 1st, can't wait!

Adam/Tommy wingfic

I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago, an Adam/Tommy wingfic. On tour, Tommy meets a couple in a club, goes to a hotel with them for a threesome. Wakes up with wings, calls Adam in a panic to come pick him up.

Adam/Kris hurt/comfort enema...

Looking for a fic I had bookmarked. It was a kink meme/glam kink/aianonlovefest fic. Don't remember which community, but just remember Adam helping give Kris an enema because he hadn't been eating right on tour and then Adam spanked Kris. Please help.

Adam/Tommy fic

Sorry, just have another fic that I wanted to read but lost it when my laptop died. Can't remember much but Adam and Tommy's dad are leaders of 2 kingdoms at war, during which Tommy's dad is killed and Tommy becomes King. All I remember is that Adam's dad or uncle gives Tommy as a 'slave' to Adam to learn how to rule and make people submissive. They talk about Tommy's piercing and once he becomes a slave he gets his industrial one. Also remember that Monte and Isaac are planning to rescue Tommy. Think it ends with Adam and Tommy getting together and taking over the kingdom from Adam's dad/uncle and unite the 2 kingdoms. Neil is also in it, with a wife and kids. sorry if there's not enough Adam parts but can only remember what was mentioned and that him and Neil were fighting with their dad/uncle.


Adam/Tommy fic

Hi, just trying to find a Adommy fic, can't remember what it was called but it was set 5 years in the future and Adam is on broadway to get away from touring and gets moody easily and sleeps with Tommy. Tommy has a girlfriend named Carmen and they find out Tommy is carrying Adam's baby. She leaves him at the doctors office and he calls Adam and tells him. Adam and Tommy end up moving to Malibu. Adam isn't very supportive to Tommy and they constantly fight. Can't remember the rest of the story but know that they end up together and having a son. Would love to re-read this fic and other stories by this writer. Think the author had another where Adam and Tommy get into a fight and the band make them drive home together. They end up in a snow storm.


Adam Lambert fic finder
Looking for an Adam Lambert story you can't find or don't remember the title of? Lost the link? Google not working for you? Got a case of "there was this Adam/Tommy/Brad serial killers AU..."? Well this is the place for you to come and ask the experts, i.e. your fellow readers, for help.


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